Saturday, March 16, 2013

Putting a toe into the modern fray?

When we want to communicate with someone at a distance, we have oodles of options today.  No longer is our choice between writing a letter and mailing it for 12 cents, or making a long distance phone call for some high charge that you'd rather avoid. No longer do we think twice about talking with or even video-ing with family and friends about anywhere in the world. 
Having been one to drag my heels to change, always wondering what could be the down side of some decision, I have made what to me is a big step, with coaching and help from my next generation offspring, of course.
And what is this massive leap?  I signed up with an upstart cell phone company! Stepping away from one of the largest mainstream companies, I'm gaining freedoms and reducing costs.
So, to and with whom?  Ting.  Maybe you've heard of them, maybe not. They seem to be a good thing, kind of the next step in cell phone companies, abandoning the 2 year standard gotcha-locked contract. You might just want to check them out at (a wild web site name, eh?)  If you like what you see, and choose to give it a go, please use Kirk's Ting referral number and you and I will each save at least $25. Just the start of a good deal!
It is simple to understand and simple to make it so.  I expect to save a chunk of monthly money, too! There's no contract, as I mentioned, so you wouldn't be locked in if you find something to disagree with there.  Hey, give a holler if you choose to follow me! Perhaps you could take me out to someplace nice for dinner with the money you save...

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Thoughts from Families Matter Most

Thoughts of interest and import to me...  these from the June 3, 2012 Church News Viewpoint article.

"Great parenting moments come unexpectedly - without fanfare or even fair warning.  Life isn't like the movies, when dramatic background music warns of lurking danger, so parents would know when to be at their wisest and most profound selves."

The uncredited author on the back page of the paper refers to "the significance of small and simple things to bring about great things" (see Alma 37:6-7).  He continues with listing "the power of a kind word, a thoughtful gesture, the rewarding acknowledgement, the seemingly insignificant events that sear themselves to the memory of a child and endow them to live life abundantly."

I, too, believe in the importance of small positive encouragements, sprinkled unsparingly with love and messages of individual worth. This, of course, resulting from many years of growth subsequent to my own children growing through their young years. As the article's author concludes, "Being a parent is about helping our children create happy memories, improve talents and build feelings of self-worth.  Being a parent is to help children see."

May we all help children, young or older, see the important things of life, the eternal things of life.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

There's just no end to bad deals made to look like good ones...

If you find yourself in deep debt, and hear about a "debt settlement" option, please read this link carefully.  And then read the last sentence again, and again, and again, until you can recite it flawlessly.

Best wishes to any who seek wisdom on this topic!  As with any topic, seek wisdom and counsel from a good source, especially one who does not stand to gain from your decision either way.  Sound familiar?

Monday, February 1, 2010

Haiti - Tragedy Provides Opportunities

Sometimes we may ask, "Why do bad things happen in this world?"  I recall hearing President Hinckley, a Prophet of the Lord, even pose this question, and I believe President Kimball did likewise.  One thing that tragedy almost always provides is opportunity for people to serve and give of themselves.  Thus, there can be learning, growth and development along our quest to become the best we can, to try to become like Christ.  In the recent tragedy of the devastating earthquake in Haiti, many people have physically gone there to assist as they can.  Others have collected or contributed physical items to send.  Countless people are donating funds to be used in aiding the victims.  The recent text message collection was a clever idea and made donating easy to do.  There is no lack of finding some organization or group or method that will collect your generosity.

My personal preference is to choose some method or organization where I am confident that my contributions will be handled in the most efficient manner. That is, an organization that keeps overhead, administrative costs, advertising fees and salaries as low as possible, or maybe non-existent.  If you have not yet donated and are looking for one of these, my recommendation can be found with this link. 

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Do I have the flu?

There is so much talk about the flu, about THE FLU (oink), and whatever else we may be afflicted with.  If I sniffle or cough, what have I got?

This chart was made available to me, and I wanted to share it for anybody's reference.  Thanks and credit to whoever authored it; and I hope it is accurate enough!

And, this makes another post on my blog!  (The third, yeah!)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Spring - like every Spring

Today never passed mid 40's for temperature, started out rainy, mixed in some snow, but no accumulation. The snow gave something for people to talk about, in the universal and generic world of conversation. Ended up dry and some clear/sunny sky. Learned something about blogging, and may continue

First blog

Like zillions before me, and probably after, this is my first posting to the world of blogs. Nothing profound, that will come later. . .